midnite-musings: Hi there, I just recently came across your blog while searching the "interior architecture" tag here on tumblr. I'm from Western Australia and planning to study Interior Architecture in Semester 1 2015. Is there any tips or advice you wish you had known or would like to share for someone who's thinking of studying this? All the best with your studies. :) - Annie

Tip no. 1 - any experience is good experience so try to get jobs where ever they are available. Another trick is emailing architecture firms and design studios if they need an intern. Lots of places are too busy to even post jobs so contact them and show initiative. 

Tip 2 - stay up to date with the industry and innovative technology, as a students we have the advantage of not being stuck in our ways and everything is possible. Don’t let people shut down your ideas, it’s a very subjective industry but if you can sell your concept that’s all that matters. 

Tip 3 - practice AutoCAD/Vectorworks/Revit/SketchUp etc as much as possible! 

Good luck xx

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tillymichael: Hey nina, My name is Tilly and I'm looking to enrol in some classes next year at Sydney design school. I'm 18 and about to finish my hsc. Was wondering if you could give me some insight to what courses you've done and like and what options of careers are out there after completing courses. I swear I'm not a creeper, I've just been looking around for some perspective as I don't know anyone learning interior design. Thankyou! X

Hi Tilly, 

I am just about to finish my Diploma at Sydney Design School. Before I started at the school I was interning for Belinda Cendron at Sourceress and it was such a great experience. I totally recommend you intern anywhere you can, a few of my friends at the school worked at Emily Ziz (fabric wholesaler) and they loved it. It seems really daunting especially at 18 but Syd Design School emails you weekly of all the interns/jobs they find. Some of the internships are just offered to the school. Good places to check for this are The Loop / Pedestrian TV Jobs and Seek. 

At the moment I work for an architect in Manly drawing up retail stores and that job happened to come along by chance because I was telling everyone what I was doing and posting pics. 

Hope this helps. 


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